5 Travel Tips Before Visiting Marrakech  

Marrakech is a place like no other. The food, the atmosphere and the people just pull you in – you will for sure have an unforgettable time. 

To make sure you have a memorable time in this fabulous city, here are some tips I think you need to know before visiting.  

  1. Try to stay in a Riad or hotel in the old town. Morocco is centred in its old town, so this is where you’ll find all the action. 

2. Bring cash with you because most Riad, Dar and shops do not take credit card.

3. Even though the official currency of Morocco is Dirham, they take Euro as well.

4. Be careful of help you get along the way, especially in Jemaa el-Fna Square. This square is absolutely crazy if you’re used to orderly things. People are going to try to make you buy things and make you pay for giving you direction or taking photos of them.

5. Prepare to get lost. Don’t rely on Google Maps. Best ask your concierge for direction.

Enjoy your Marrakech exploration.


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