Melbourne Weekend Trip

I love travelling, but I rarely travel domestically because most of the time I usually try to save up to travel overseas. One of the places I really like to visit in Australia is Melbourne. I really love Melbourne, it’s a foodie heaven and there are lots of things to do. I had a 3 day weekend trip to Melbourne and there definitely was not enough time to explore all of Melbourne and the outer region.

I was lucky I stayed with my friend and she drove me around so I got to travel outside the city which is where I usually hang around if I didn’t have a car.

We went to all sorts of food places and some of the places I went to include gelato at Piccolina Gelateria and Lickings Fine Ice Cream, delicious crepe from Rué de Creperie, and burgers from the Royale Brothers.

Amongst eating yummy food in Melbourne, I also went to South Wharf to do some shopping at the outlet there, and we also went out to the Dandenong ranges and Grants Picnic Ground.

What do you love about Melbourne?

xoxo, Ina

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