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I am loving the style masterclasses held by the Canberra Centre. A couple of weeks ago I attended the style masterclass featuring Eleanor Pendleton. Last Saturday  I attended the second series of the style masterclass which featured Talisa Sutton, founder of fashion & lifestyle blog, Badlands. The Style Masterclass was hosted by Sarah Kelly from My Fashion Empire.

Talisa Sutton

Talisa actually grew up in Canberra and went to the same college as I did. It’s really great to see how far she has come. After college/high school she went to study fashion and business at FBI Fashion College while also interning at a fashion magazine and working in retail. She then did Graphic Design at TAFE and Fine Arts at UNSW. During her study she starter her freelance career. Before going full time on her blog, Badlands, Talisa worked as a designer at Elle Magazine and also contributed to Vogue.

Talisa Sutton

At the Style Masterclass, Talisa gave us some of her personal advice and tips on fashion, beauty, interior design and travel.


Tails’s personal style is classic. Her advice on fashion and style is “invest more in everyday pieces like leather jacket, white t-shirt and jeans”. She likes to go for mostly black, whites and grey shades but she does like to add a bit of colour like the gorgeous burgundy dress she wore at the Style Masterclass.

Here are some advice that Talisa gave on fashion:

When to splurge and when to save?

  • Splurge more on the basics and classic styles like white t-shirt, jeans
  • Shop with the idea of longevity, something that will last more than one season
  • invest in something that will last long (in terms of wear and quality)
  • Save on accessories and pieces that goes with trends as they usually only last one or two seasons

Advice for updating your style:

  • Invest in a classic camel coat – it’s a neutral colour so it will work with any outfit
  • Scarves – you can add a bit of print and detailing by adding a scarf to accessories your outfit
  • Fluted sleeves and flare are in at the moment – add a couple of pieces to your wardrobe to fit with the current style and trends, and it’s nice to have a subtle play on shapes

Rules to go by: Talisa likes an understated look and one rule that she likes to follow is the advice from the fashion icon Coco Chanel, that is “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” 

Talisa Sutton's Outfit Picks

Interior Design

Tails finds her interior design inspiration from looking at homewares and design blogs. She likes Scandinavian style and her favourite store to find some nice homewares is Country Road.

Advice on interior design:

  • Again, Talisa’s advice is invest in classic pieces.
  • For sofas and armchairs – go for something with longevity
  • Accessories (like cushions etc) can be trend base
  • Adding little things to a room can make big changes, such as adding a little planter, succulents, terrariums, candles.

Rules on interior design:

Tails doesn’t really have any specific rules but usually she always go “quality over quantity”. She likes to scope things out before she makes the purchase, create a wish list and think about it to see if it fits in with the design of the room.

Talisa Sutton


Talisa’s favourite city is Paris because it’s very memorable to her as that was the city where she got engaged.

Part of her favourite thing about travel is the planning. When planning for a trip she looks at guides, magazines, travel blog (like the 12 Hrs Blog). She puts everything into an excel spreadsheet, including a day by day planner and cross reference websites and guides to check opening times, peak season etc.

A few places that she still would love to go to are Cuba, Havana, Morocco and Croatia.

Travel tips:

  • Talisa always brings with her when she travels the Super Elixir by WelleCo. She loves it as it makes her feel healthier especially during long air travels. I’m actually quite intrigued by this product since I have never heard of it until Talisa mentioned it.
  • When you want to find out where to eat – visit TripAdvisor and Yelp to find out the best rated restaurants and cafes. One of the thing that she likes to do though besides this is to go on Instagram and use the Instagram GeoTag as it gives you a visual guide to where to eat and what looks good!

Talisa Sutton


Talisa is big on skincare – one of her top beauty advice is to make sure you have a skincare routine, especially important when you’re travelling. And consistency is key!

Some of her favourite brands for skincare products are Ultraceuticals, Dermalogica, SK-II and  Bobbi Brown. She loves using rosehip oil in her nightly skincare ritual, especially in winter as it is very moisturising. She also recommends to use sunscreen everyday, even on overcast days.

Makeup tips: 

  • Keep it simple!
  • Eyebrows are really important – as it really frames your face. Talisa uses the Bobbi Brown eyebrow pencil with the spoolie at the end as it gives a natural brow look.
  • For a night time look – you can glam up your look with a bit of eye shadow, eyeliner and a red lippie.

Talisa talked how eyeshadows are now making a comeback, especially the neutral and brown tones. She recommend experimenting with eyeshadow as different ways of applying can change your look.

Her favourite makeup brands are Bobbi Brown, NARS and Charlotte Tilbury.

About Badlands and Blogging

Lastly Talisa talked about her blog. Badlands started out as an outlet where she collated her inspirations, designs and things she loves when she was studying graphic design. Then she was approached by Vogue Magazine who asked her to be a contributor and it grew from there. She said she was lucky as she started when blogging was not such a big thing. However, she didn’t get to where she is without hard work and dedication. She said that you need to put yourself out there. She did lots of internships at the start and lots of networking. She got the job at ELLE through a friend of a friend.

Some of her advice if you are a blogger or starting out on blogging:

  • Have a plan, a mission statement and know your key audience and customer. It’s also important to have a good branding to differentiate yourself.
  • Research and hone in on what you think you are really about.
  • Focus on one or two elements of your blog – her main focus has been on her blog and instagram.

This Style Masterclass was really insightful as Talisa covered everything from fashion, beauty to her career and how she got to where she is right now. It was such a great pleasure to hear from Talisa and I’ll definitely be taking on board some of her tips and advice!

xoxo, Ina

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  1. June 18, 2016 / 7:20 pm

    This looked like such an awesome event! I’m still bummed I couldn’t make it :'( I will have to make it to the next one though!!! xx

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