Degustation at Chaki Chaki, Canberra

Chaki Chaki is a high end Japanese restaurant from Chef Yujiro Takeda that opened earlier this year in Braddon, Canberra. The restaurant is located on the busy Lonsdale street of Braddon upstairs on the first floor of the ORI Building. I’ve been meaning to go here since the menu looked good and the restaurant looked really nice. I finally went with a big group of friend last night for dinner.

The interior of the restaurant looks quite nice – it’s warm and inviting.


ChakiChaki Restaurant Exterior


ChakiChaki Restaurant Interior


ChakiChaki Restaurant Interior

Chaki Chaki offers a choice of 2 degustation menus – $60 (Kaede) and $80 (Momiji), plus a few selection of tapas on the a la carte menu. The price of tapas starts from $12 for small plates to share to $60 for a sashimi or sushi platter. They provide a choice of 2 mains at $35 which depends on the day’s seafood dish or meat dish.

I had the $60 degustation menu, Kaede. The menu starts with Agedashi Tofu (Deep Fried Tofu) for the appetizer.

Chaki Chaki Appetizer - Agedashi Tofu

Appetizer – Agedashi Tofu

Entree was a trio of small dishes – a Yakitori Chicken Skewer, Seaweed Salad and Young Soy Bean Stick.


Entree – Yakitori Chicken Skewer, Seaweed Salad and Young Soy Bean Stick

The Young soy bean stick was actually really nice with wasabi mayonnaise that accompanied it. It was light and the wasabi was not overpowering. After the entree we had the Seafood with Sake Lees Miso soup. It looked like a standard miso soup but you can really taste the seafood flavour.


Soup – Seafood with Sake Lees Miso

A few people on our table chose the Momiji ($80) degustation menu which had slightly different entree and dessert plus a sashimi plate. The sashimi plate looked quite nice.

ChakiChaki_Sashimi Plate

For main we had the choice of beef or cod, I chose the cod as I love seafood. As you can see the main was quite small. It was served with potatoes and some kind of creamy sauce. The waitress did not speak english that well so they didn’t really tell us much details about the main or most of the dishes. It was quite delicious though.


Main – Grilled cod

The final meal of the night was dessert. They presented us with 3 small  desserts (it may look big in the photos, but they are actually quite small). The dessert that looks like ice cream on the right was interesting. I was expecting it to be ice cream but the texture was interesting. It was a yellow peach granita, it was very light. The chocolate cake was nice but it was quite rich so it was good that it came in a small portion.

ChakiChaki_Dessert_2 ChakiChaki_Dessert_3 ChakiChaki_Dessert

Overall, the food was delicious and it was a nice dinner but I still think it’s quite expensive for what we got. The service was not too bad, they were quite attentive considering the restaurant was quite busy. It’s a nice restaurant, definitely up on the high end, and I would visit again  but maybe every once in a while for a treat.

xoxo, Ina

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