Let’s Talk About Home Decor

Richie and I have been undertaking quite a big project these past several weeks. We’ve decided to take down the wallpaper from our bedroom and repaint the walls. Sounds simple enough right? Turns out it was anything but. A bucket of wallpaper soap, wallpaper steamer, and hours of scraping later, we found out that we weren’t faced by one layer of wallpaper, but five, all covered in paint before plastered by another. A weekend’s job turned into two, and two turned into three. Safe to say spending Easter long weekend removing wallpaper was not on our agenda.

One way we’ve been trying to make the task fun is by listening to great music and chatting while working. We’ve also been looking forward to the painting – and finally, decorating the room once it’s all done. I’m a true believer that your home should be your sanctuary. A place to unwind, relax and escape from the daily hustle and bustle and just be. And more importantly, how your home feels directly impacts your soul. Which is why it’s important to take the time and nurture your space, giving it love and attention.

decorI love buying little bits and pieces to add to my home collection, it’s evergrowing. Our nest evolves and morphes along with our lives, our tastes, experiences and travels. Discovering new items that call to you as you explore the world is one of the joys of travelling. Trinkets that bring positive memories and vibes. Make sure you keep some extra space in your suitcase for those items you know belong with you back home. Another thing to remember is that there is no right or wrong when decorating your space. What’s important is that it feels warm, inviting and happy to you.

Today’s inspiration comes from the main image, a Modern Bohemian room with an added touch of Palm Springs flavour. I love the play of the colour palette. Although salmon and mint tend to be associated with teenage rooms, by adding neutrals, different textures and mix metal this room has transformed into a warm, cozy and mature space. There’s also mixing of prints, which can be tricky, but done right, looks effortless and cohesive. Another great thing is how many plants are in this room. Plants in different shapes and sizes really help in adding dimension and making the most of your space, taking your eyes to all corners which can go unseen.

It also helps to create a moodboard. An inspiration can grow into something completely different once you add personal touches and details of your space or items you already own. I love making moodboards before going into a furniture store, it makes shopping and decorating so much easier. If you’re not confident using Photoshop, another great place to create your moodboard is on Polyvore.

2016-04-05 11.25.30 1Beautiful ikat pillow case and coasters I found in Ubud, Bali

I hope you enjoyed this home decor post and it inspired you in some way. To everyone currently undertaking a home project, I feel you! Lots of love your way.


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