Lola Berry Health and Wellbeing Workshop

Lola Berry Canberra Centre Health and Wellbeing Workshop #SS15

On Saturday I went to a Health and Wellbeing Workshop by Melbourne nutritionist and author, Lola Berry at the Canberra Centre.

Lola Berry Lola Berry

Lola is a nutritionist, the author of The Happy Cookbook and The 20/20 Diet, and she is allo spokesperson on nutrition and wellbeing in print, online and on radio and TV. In this workshop Lola talked about health, happiness and wellbeing.  She talked about the importance of whole foods and unprocessed foods. She talked about her own experience and how she got to where she is right now. She used the 20/20 diet to lose 20kg in 20 weeks, but her talk during the workshop didn’t focus on this.

Lola Berry

Lola Berry

She really emphasised that to lose weight and be healthy requires a change of a lifestyle. It’s not just about dieting but it is about changing your lifestyle and choosing healthy unprocessed foods. She also said that her way of eating may not work for everyone and it’s about listening to you body and seeing what works for you. She also talked about the important link between happiness and health and that if you are healthy, you will be happy.

Yummy goodies at the Lola Berry Health and Wellbeing workshop Yummy goodies at the Lola Berry Health and Wellbeing workshop

At the workshop we were provided with lots of yummy foods which came from some of Lola’s recipes. The chocolate protein balls were so delicious and it was good to know that it was healthy too.

At the end of the workshop we had some Q & A sessions and Lola answered a couple of my questions. Because of my busy lifestyle working a full time job, running a part-time photography business and blogging, I struggle to find time to cook and eat healthy. Lola’s advice to me was try to plan ahead and spare a couple of hours on the weekend to cook food for the week. It seems easier said and done, but I am going to keep trying hard and follow this advice. My other question was about exercise and Lola’s advice was to find an exercise that you like, because if you don’t like it you won’t do it.  Other great tips from Lola is that sleep is important and getting sleep before midnight is much more better than sleeping after. She also emphasised the importance of feeding your body with healthy food because serotonin (the happy hormone) is 90% in your gut and 10% in your brain. So if you have a healthy gut you will be much happier.

A photo with Lola Berry and me

I was so glad that I went to this workshop because I’m now inspired to get back on track and change my lifestyle to eat healthily. To find out more about Lola Berry and her books make sure to check out her website here.





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